Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rest in Peace Davy Jones

It is very sad to hear of the death of Davy. He isn't just Davy Jones to his fans or fans of the Monkees. This is a death in the family. It hurts and we all feel sorry for his real family and friends. I only met him once, just long enough to ask for his autograph but it was memorable to me. I just listened to a live version of of the song Every Step of the Way he preformed it with the energy of a true preformer that made you feel the energy while you just listened. One song that he wrote is one I like to sing to my wife. That song is I'll love you Forever. It is sad to know that we will never see or hear him act again.
Now please don't missunderstand this next part of this post. It is not an attempt for me to make any money and I will take back the offer if you think I am trying that. I don't want to cause any harm. I wrote a book in which the charater of Davy was one of the stars. It is called Last Train to Murder and the Monkees solve the crime. Any money that it generates that normally would go to me I will give to a mission or charity. I haven't heard if his family has designated a charity but I know of some Christian missions that need money and I will send it there unless his family designates a charity. You can get it at or at I recomend Lulu as the charity will get more money if you buy it from them.
This is a dark day for Monkee fans everywhere and for a while this sites background will be dark.

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  1. This book sounds very interesting. I will definitely check it out.